\m/ (◣_◢) \m/ Destroying entire towns in single nights, warping your kids' minds and sucking your brains dry, keeping chiropractors in business performing neck-cranial adjustments. \m/(⋋▂⋌)\m/
Toy Called God is a groove Metal band from Brentwood California that mixes crushing distortion, great hooks and an amazing ability to make your head bang involuntarily.  TCG released the demo "Only One Menace"  in Jan 2011.  The band released our Debut CD  "Toy Called God" August 5th 2012 with Kill Devil Hill in Oakland California. The band would release the Only One Menace video soon thereafter. Having played shows all over the west coast as well as well other places, the band won Top Overall Honors in the 2013 Project Independent contest. Radio Riff also voted Only One Menace from the band's debut album Song Of The Year "Riffie" award for 2013. In 2014 the band released Guns God and Steel. Since inception the band has developed relationships with and endorses and recommends, Fireplant Guitars, HomeWrecker Pickups, Steve Clayton Picks. We hope to see you all soon. Toy Called God is Marcus Lance, Paco D'Rocker, Damian Lewin, Patrick Donovan.
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